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Let’s start off by learning about you and your organization.
1) How big is your company?

3) What is your job / role? Please select one of the following options.

4) What is your department /organization? Please select one of the following options.

5) Which departments/organizations do you work closely with? Select all that apply.

6) Availability of design talent

7) Team collaboration

8) Risk taking and attitude toward failure

9) License to be creative

10) Design thinking mindset

11) Senior leadership support

12) Budget for human centered design

13) Human centered design competency

14) Alignment to corporate strategy

15) Design priority

16) Integrating human centric design into projects

17) Time for empathy

18) Leveraging design thinking

19) Brand expression through design

20) Embracing iteration

21) Availability of space for co-innovation

22) Availability of creative, collaborative workplaces

23) Project room availability

24) Remote collaboration infrastructure